Natural Skin Care

African Black Soap

A soap of a special kind. The ingredients are shea nut, potash (ash of cocoa pod) –  and that is it. The creation process of the soap is traditionally done by hand. Through that, all the valuable minerals and vitamins remain within the soap. Shea trees produce an abundance of fruit without the need for fertilizers. The soap contains only natural substances. The  luxurious foam it creates is so sensitive, it can be used for the whole family (including dogs and cats).

The soap we offer in our Etsy Shop is organic and is one of  few soaps which create saponin naturally. Saponin, the substance that is responsible for foaming is  in most cases an artifical component in soaps. The soap we sell on Etsy, is 100 % pure and natural.

In Africa, this soap is traditionally used to cleanse body, hair and even delicate garments.The Foam creates an even coat leaving the skin soft and silky. The soap can be used as an alternative to shaving creme. Shea contains many vitamins and other substances that can help balance skin irritation. If you are experiencing skin disbalance, try this soap. Minimize your shopping list of cosmetic products, create more space in your bathroom, save money and waste!