Mental Fitness

Immediate Stress Relief

a simple trick I learned from a yogi.

Inhaling and exhaling is a process that comes naturally. We do not have to tell the body to breathe.  There is a system within us that seems to operate on a deeper level, beyond of what we can grasp with our mind. Becoming more conscious about the breath can have a revelating effect. Yogis use a method called ‘pranayama’ (=lifeforce/extension of breath) to control and enhance energy.
A trick I use to relief stress or to gain more focus and calm the mind and get in tune with the deeper layers of my existence is called ‘nadi shodhana’ (=alternate nostril breathing). An easy yoga technique which I will be posting about in more detail soon. Whenever we practice breathing excercises we must prepare the body. This process is an essential part of the hatha yoga method. One can only gain from a practice if it is utilized properly.

Understanding that stress is something we create is crucial to reliefing stress.