Sharon is a passionate mind and body educator. She believes that with the proper mind set, anything can be achieved. In the past 8 years, she has shown many individuals that healing is possible through movement.

Yoga and Pilates is suitable for Every-Body. It is not just a workout, it is a transformational process. The goal is to provide individuals with the knowledge, encouragement, and drive to transform and maintain a strong and flexible body, in turn, leading them to a long productive, and healthy life.

Before moving to California, Sharon owned a Yoga & Pilates Studio in South Germany. She enjoyed showing others a way to establish their own individual health program that enhances physical and mental wellbeing. She encourges others to become their own teacher.

Besides leading retreats, workshops and various courses in the Yoga and Pilates Method, Sharon designed and held fitness & health programs for companys .

Holding health courses at Physical Therapy clinics in South Germany and Switzerland gave Sharon a deep insight on how diverse movement patterns of individual bodies can be. She learned that body & mind can only gain when the right program is implemented. As a certified Yoga Therapist, Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor, Sharon has gained many years of experience in human science. 


Here in California Sharon teaches Group and Personal Training and holds educational workshops about frequency, health & movement.

The science of sound has become and integral part of her daily practice. With the help of frequency she wishes to increase relaxation/focus and achieve a higher state of consciousness.

Sharon is a seeker on a path to enhance her possibilities as a human being. Her wish is to motivate others to find a way to enhance theirs.

On her blog she shares information on topics about mental & phsyical health and gives an insight on daily practices that enhance wellbeing.

When you recognize your daily practices as a ritual and respect it as an integral part of your life you are one step closer to living a joyful life.

Everything you do could be a ritual, simply by the way you approach life.