A joyful life?

We offer Yoga Therapy, Pilates & Aerial Yoga programs to individuals seeking to live life to the fullest.


Body & Mind workouts for physical, emotional & mental wellbeing

Individual Training

One on One programs taylored to meet personal needs.

Outdoor or Virtual

Comfortable & Safe access to knowledge based on 9+ years of experience.

Where do you start?

The journey starts with an assessment. We meet virtually for 30 min. Upon answering a series of questions we will determine how you can set yourself up for success with the Ritual Tool Box program. Based on your interests and physical needs you will also learn if yoga therapy, aerial yoga, pilates or even a combination of all three can benefit you. This session is applicable to a fee. which will be credited towards the next session you book.


Yoga Therapy

Patanjali’ 8 limbs of yoga is described as the most authentic practice of yoga. Follow a step by step guide of physical, mental, emotional and energetic practices that will help you form the life you want.


Breath & alignment focused movements developed by Joseph Pilates tone mind & body from deep within. Stability, balance and flexibility based exercises will give you the strength & endurance to conquer your daily challenges with ease.

Aerial Yoga

Fear is a barrier of success.The aerial silk offers an innovative and creative approach to movement. This tool will help conquer your fears in a playful & encouraging way. Inversions, balance and flexibility poses become easier, because you are supported along the way.

Willing to take the next step?

You choose where you want to be and when you want to be there. Sessions take place online or in community parks in Granite Bay & East Roseville area. Other locations are subject to an additional fee.

Book your assessment today

Check availability, pick a slot in the schedule and book your assessment.We accept payments through our paypalme link. It is one of the easiest and safest way to pay in the digital world. You will receive a confirmation email in which you can find payment instructions and further information. If you do not receive your confirmation email within 1 hour please get in touch with us using the contact information below.